What you can and can not eat after six o’clock in the evening

If you at least once felt like to lose a few extra kilos, then you’re probably familiar with the statement that there is not after six. This is almost the first rule for those who want to normalize your weight.

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Many people are sitting on a diet, try to follow this rule. Many are proud of their endurance.But it somehow did not lose weight. And when a wave of his hand, even just once will eat after six, horrified to notice that a couple of extra kilos was added.

Meanwhile, no scientific (and practical, life) justification is usually not allowed. Once and for all need to remember: eat after six, not only possible, but necessary!

Now let’s look at why. Our body is being without food for ten hours, under stress – if you count from six o’clock in the evening (the last meal for some unfortunate slimming) before breakfast at 8 am. And when the body is undergoing nutritional stress (lack of food), he begins to work in the mode of saving energy, saving every grammulechku excess fat. And part of this contrives to postpone fat “in reserve” just in case, if you suddenly have to starve more than four hours. Our body contains such hoarders “hamster”. Bottom line: we are not only losing weight, but we can and even better.

Of course, the rule “eat after six” does not mean that you can fill your stomach than want. There is a certain set of products, which can be called the “evening”. They are fairly easy to digest; they suffice until the next meal. Here these products.

Foods that can be eaten after six pm

– skim cheese

– Any lean meat (rabbit, poultry, lamb, beef)

– Any vegetables, except potatoes

– Any lean fish

– Sugar-free yogurt and dietary supplements, fruit without

– Low-fat yogurt

– Low-fat fermented baked milk

– Egg whites

Products that can not eat after six pm

– All products with high GI, glycemic index

– Bread and bakery products

– Fatty meat, fish

– All products with sugar, all sweet at all

– Cereals and pasta

– Any fruit

On the question of how long before sleep are allowed to eat, so you can answer: it depends on how many times a day you eat. If you have five meals in small portions, then you can feel free to eat anything at night. For example, the curd without sugar. Cottage cheese in general is good because it relates to the slow proteins (is composed of casein, a protein that is digested for five to six hours). If you have three meals a day meals a little more, then to sleep better not have two hours to three.

Generally worth that the best diet – it is more and more slowly than less often and a lot. By the way, if for breakfast to eat fast proteins (foods that are digested for a few hours), you can recharge your body, feel fitter and more energetic. For rapid protein include eggs, soy and soy products. Fast carbohydrates, if without them you do not think its existence is also better to eat in the morning and in the evening – ever.

The ideal times for dinner – three hours before bedtime. If you go to bed at 11 pm, the dinner you will be at 8 o’clock. But in general, bind themselves to the clock is not necessary – all a matter of the amount of servings and frequency of meals.

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