What Are Sexual Health Services?

Sexual health services encompass a wide array of health services directed at preventing the condition of and spreading of sexually transmitted diseases that affect millions globally. The primary focus of sexual health services is to provide comprehensive information and education to individuals, adolescents, couples, and families about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). These STD’s are considered to be a public health problem because they can cause long-term health problems among men and women.

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Sexual health services can be used to treat STDs, provide information about them, educate people about their rights and responsibilities, and offer support services to people living with STDs. You can find these kinds of services in person and Home StI Kits London companies such as https://www.checkurself.org.uk/order-a-test-kit/ that will send you a test kit to complete from the comfort of your own home.

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The biggest focus of STD prevention and treatment is HIV/AIDS. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS, a serious illness affecting the immune system that is found in the body only after contracting it from a partner who has acquired the disease. Because HIV/AIDS is transmitted through anal, vaginal, and oral sex, it can affect anyone, regardless of social status or economic status. A large proportion of new HIV cases in each year are associated with unsafe sexual practices. Many teenagers and young adults are being diagnosed with STD’s every year; however, some sexually active adults have not been properly tested for or informed about STDs; this has led to an increased number of diagnoses in adults.

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