Tips to improve physical health

Many of the tips to improve physical health that tell you sure know them today, but maybe happen to you and me; you know that but when you remember what it’s like to come back again activate and finally you come to get moving. Come on, remember, learn and execute them to feel full!

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Image Source: Google Image

Food and drinks to improve physical health

Red fruits

If you have cravings, first try eating a few fruits bright red as cherries, blueberries, grapes … contain that help you prevent allergies and respiratory diseases, and best of all, you can eat as you like without gaining weight. Once you have eaten the fruit then go get the food that you wanted, you will eat less.


Accompany your meals with a starter salad . Yes, in addition to caring for your line, also it will help you keep better digestion and provide vitamins derived from vegetables to your body.

Healthy snacks

Allow yourself to eat between meals some breaths as crudites, almonds, hummus, pitas or whole, not only will bring you as to balance sugar levels, but will prevent you get with much appetite for meals.

Green juices

Prepare green juices. These are special to heal different ailments while contributing minerals and vitamins to the body. Drink it immediately to avoid losing the properties.


Water can not miss in your life; you should drink about two liters of this precious liquid. Come on, it is not so much and feel better! Just do not overdo the amount that has its consequences.

Exercises to improve health and fitness


Go for a walk , do not have time to say it is always a good excuse, but the reality is it does very well; company seeks to do, or take your headphones and listen to your favorite music while walking, or just walk and breathe. The key is to be something every day, at least half an hour.


Go jogging at least 3 days a week will improve your cardiovascular health, will tone your thighs and legs and relieve you from stress. You can start with a brisk walk after a few days you start jogging and when you feel ready, you can start running. We all know to run but when it comes to making this activity a physical practice, should be done with certain measures.


Put your body moving to the beat of the music better your mood, activates blood circulation, tones your body and makes you burn calories. Do you seem little benefits? Dancing is a great way to take care of physical health while having fun.

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