The 5 best raw food to wear a flat stomach

Flat Stomach

Onion helps speed up metabolism and reduce blood sugar levels. We must take it raw because cooking away at up to 60% of its beneficial enzymes.

You’ve probably heard of the benefits of the raw food diet  to take care of our shape and lose weight. When talking about food “raw” we are not referring at all to consume uncooked meat or fish. Let us not be alarmed!

According to nutritionists, increase our dose of raw fruits and vegetables will help us not only burn fat, but to prevent many diseases and even slow aging. We are confident that this information will be of interest.

Flat Stomach
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The great benefits of eating raw food

There are many foods that, when eaten in raw form, we bring many more benefits than if ratiocinates. They are richer in vitamins, trace elements and digestive enzymes and also help you feel more satisfied.

It is true that when eaten raw have to know what is the origin of the fruit or the vegetable. The more natural and less chemicals or pesticides have received this food during growing, much better, so do not hesitate to purchase them in organic stores or specialized markets.

Want to know how to help you raw foods?

  • Goodbye to bloating: If you often suffer from indigestion or gas, the raw eat 5 a day fruit or vegetable pieces will help better fight these annoying problems.Chew slower and better food reaches the stomach. In addition, we advocate that secrete digestive enzymes and absorb nutrients optimally. And do not forget that eating raw food is best to avoid constipation.
  • We were more satiated: This type of raw foods not only allow us to better absorb nutrients, but also, our brain produces a number of neurotransmitters that indicate that we are satiated, even raising the level of serotonin, which improves our mood.
  • Delayed aging: You really avoid those pesky wrinkles? Not that we avoid, but delayed its appearance thanks to the high content antioxidants present in raw foods. According to a study conducted at the Research Center for Human Nutrition on Aging Process Jean Mayer  at Tufts University in Boston, eat raw fruits and vegetables every day we will have more antioxidants to fight in brain aging and fight many diseases degenerative, for example, Alzheimer’s.
  • Balance between sodium and potassium:  Did you know that eating raw vegetables is a great way to get potassium? So is. Certain fruits and vegetables are ideal to counteract the excess sodium and get that needed balance to our health.
  • Perfect for weight loss: Many people who daily include certain raw foods in your diet to lose weight. It’s a really effective way, since, with them, manage to be very satisfied and nourished properly with foods low in calories and no fat. You must be aware that following this diet takes some willpower. It is fed throughout the day 5 pieces of fruit or raw vegetables, as well as seeds and sprouts.Combined with other foods that will provide adequate protein, you will achieve a flatter stomach, but requires you consistencies of this effort.

What are the best raw food?

Broccoli and watercress

You know how healthy are both broccoli and watercress. We’ve talked about it many times in our space and we recommend that you always consume one to two times a week but you know it’s best eaten raw? When these two vegetables cook, we lose precisely this enzyme that protects us against cancer and also improves our digestion.

To eat raw, you just have to cut them very small pieces and combine them with other sprouts. They are ideal to regulate our weight.

Red pepper

No fat and ideal to accelerate our metabolism. Red pepper always be healthier if we consume oil. Thus, we fight constipation, stomach digest it better and get multiple vitamins and antioxidants. Do not forget to include it into thin slats in your salads.

The onion

Like the onion ? Provides that original touch to our dishes, the flavor that combines so well in our meals. Know that if the kitchens, many of these enzymes caring for our digestion and provide us with healthy minerals and antioxidants  are lost by 60%. Solution? Best crude and not very large quantities.

You will achieve speed up your metabolism and also you will benefit from a substance called glucoquinine, which helps to reduce blood sugar. It is ideal!

Green apple

Nothing apple jams or juices. It is best to consume a green apple in the morning with skin included. A very healthy way to take care of our health, eliminate fat and get a flat stomach.


When do our rich rice or meat, it is common that we include these garlic. They will add flavor and make those dishes a delicacy. However, you should know that if we eat raw, we get many more benefits, since the cooking lose allicin, the component that acts as a natural antibiotic and as a scavenger in our body. How about if, for example, we began mornings with a glass of water with a clove of raw garlic?

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