Ten of the most popular myths about hypertension

The victims of high blood pressure or hypertension are tens of millions of people around the world, because it is one of the most common diseases in the world.

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Nevertheless, a huge number of people still have inaccurate information on hypertension,We introduce you to a ten of the most popular myths associated with this disorder.

Hypertension – is old disease:

Already long since hypertension is not only a disease of the elderly. An increasing number of young people are becoming victims of high blood pressure. According to the World Health Organization, dangerous blood pressure observed in every third person older than 18 years.

Women are less likely to suffer from hypertension:

The representatives of both sexes face the risk of hypertension is approximately the similar. In the USA this disease affects about 37.1% of men and 35.2% of women over 45 years. However, the disorder is more common in men under 45 and women after menopause.

When high blood pressure are headaches:

Do not try to console myself with the thought that you do not miss hypertension because it causes headaches. Only a very small number of the victims of this disease dangerous pressure fluctuations accompanied by pain. But in general, hypertension is often called the “silent killer”, which operates without any symptoms.

With a single jump of pressure in humans is already possible to diagnose hypertension:

Blood pressure changes throughout the day. In the dream, they are reduced, and in the morning rising. It is also the cause of the shock pressure can be nerve stress, or physical activity. Individual blood pressure does not indicate hypertension.

Hypertension can not be prevented, if you are at risk:

Even if everything in your family has been victims of hypertension, you can still protect yourself from it by a lifestyle and a healthy diet. Reduce salt intake, get exercise, do not smoke, and avoid stress.

It does not matter if the high is only one of the parameters of pressure:

Our heart can withstand periodic increase in systolic blood pressure, unlike the diastolic. Consistently high diastolic pressure causes health problems. However, elevated systolic blood pressure should cause fear in people older than 50 years.

My salt intake under control:

I’m not too much I salt is prepared foods.Take control of salt intake – not to stop much salt favorite dishes. It must be remembered about the hidden salt, which is present in canned foods, processed foods and sweets.

High blood pressure is a cause for serious concern:

Since hypertension is often asymptomatic, some may seem a trifling disorder. However, chronic hypertension can cause vision problems, decreased blood supply to the feet and cause heart attacks, heart failure, bleeding from major blood vessels and chronic kidney disease. But most importantly – high blood pressure significantly increases the risk of stroke.

Hypertension can be treated drug:

Hypertension can be brought under control with medication, but can not be cured. This disorder is chronic, which will accompany you for life.

If I have normal pressure, I can not take the medication:

Medicines for high blood pressure are taken to maintain normal pressure, and as soon as you stop taking them, the pressure starts to rise. The decision on the admission or withdrawal of any drug should be taken only and exclusively your doctor.

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