Ten basic principles of good nutrition

Throughout its history, mankind has invented about 5000 a variety of diets

But the basic rules remain unchanged for millions of years. By following these simple, at first glance, the conditions, you will feel healthy and vigorous.


1. Variety.

I think, without much explanation it is clear that even if you feel a natural low-fat yogurt, broccoli and salmon, hardly worth all day long, all week, all month, even if you come up with dozens of dishes from these ingredients. For other products, we provide all the necessary range of amino acids, vitamins, minerals.

A balanced diet should consist of foods of all colors. So the next time make sure your plate resembles a rainbow!

2. Balance.

It is not necessary to turn your meals into eternal life Dukan Diet or the raw food diet. Our body is designed so that we have to get all the nutrients we need – water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. It is impossible to ensure the health, “feeding” our cells only proteins or carbohydrates.

3. Eat fats!

And if men can this rule somewhat neglected, then the girls-girls-women fats are essential not only for beautiful skin, but also for the synthesis of hormones (especially sexual). And without fat are not digested properly vitamins, can not control the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood.

Another thing is that saturated fats come from butter, meat and milk should be as low as 10% of the daily value, giving way to fish, nuts, seeds, olives and vegetable oils – mineral sources of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

4. Drink enough water.

In the ranking of ideal product I would put it the water in the first place. Not yet invented a more affordable means to get rid of skin problems and obesity, and at the same time and cure many diseases.

At least, that put us every day – 1.5 – 2 liters of ordinary drinking water. If the weight more than 70 kg – you need 2.5-liter. And if you exercise –you need at least three.

Of course, you can not just start with three liters, if yesterday you drink a hundred grams of water. Teach yourself gradually, drink every 1.5-2 hours, is better at room temperature, in small sips.

And remember: tea, coffee, juice, soup and milk – it’s food, water, they do not count!

5. Forget about diets!

Any diet – is stress, and revenge (back extra pounds) will follow as soon as possible. Our bodies – is a carefully thought-out, efficient, organized system. And she does not tolerate aggressive interventions, which include drastic changes in diet. It does not matter, “express” Is it a diet, or are calculated on the month.

If you want to change something in their appearance, do not think about the diet, but a new power plan, which will have to follow my entire adult life.

6. Eat local.

The most useful fruit and vegetables are – from the region where you were born and raised. Because genetically us already laid enzymes for the digestion of “local” products. If artificially postpone any “superpoleznuyu” diet for our latitude, it will lose its meaning and benefits.

For example, the Japanese diet longevity – well, where you take every day as fresh fish and algae? Or recognized the healthiest Mediterranean diet – we are not genetically adapted to olives and olive oil. We are closer sunflower seeds and flaxseed oil.

And plus to all – local fruits and vegetables are treated with special substances that inhibit the processes of decay, to keep them in transit. So, at times useful.

7. Cook home.

This economy and the figure are very useful. Modern kitchen helpers perfectly steamed, baked, and maintained the right temperature. And you always know how much oil is poured, and what are the ingredients used.

Of course, a romantic dinner with your loved ones in “your” restaurant or bachelor party in your favorite cafe – it’s fine. But even the best “catering” is useful, like sweets, in small “doses”!

8. Moderation.

I will not remember “two handfuls” or “glass” of food for each meal – each of us his understanding of the measure. But try, if you want to lose weight, just a couple of weeks do not eat up at least a quarter of your usual portion. And the result will not take long.

9. Eat more often.

It would seem, it is not consistent with the previous rule. Nor will you chew on the move. Nevertheless, optimal nutrition is four-five times a day with two or three meals and a couple of “snacking”.

So you’ll be safe from the fall in blood sugar levels (this is what causes a voracious appetite) and stagnation of bile. In addition, the body is used to it, that it “fed” regularly stops cocoon every eaten muffin or candy!

10. Enjoy your meal!

For many of today’s young ladies ortoreksiya (striving for proper healthy diet, develops into a real obsession) – it is almost the norm. And it’s even worse anorexia or bulimia. Sooner or later, this unrestrained desire is to only have a useful lead you to a psychiatrist. Because ortoreksiya – it is also a mental disorder.

Therefore it is necessary 10% of their daily diet to give pleasure. Let your body get pleasure from a piece of black bread with garlic and bacon. Or from croissants with chocolate. Ask yourself what do you want, my dear? And feel free to follow his wishes. But remember about the 10 percent!

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