Symptoms You May Need Hernia Surgery

Hernias are common but often understood conditions. You may have a hernia if you have a bulge or swelling that can be pushed back into the abdomen. If this keeps growing, hernia surgery may be needed to repair the issue.

Keep reading to learn more about hernia surgery Victorville CA, and when it is needed.

Hernia Defined

Usually, the organs in your body remain in place thanks to the muscles. However, these muscles can break down, or one of the organs may begin to protrude through the muscle wall. This is called a hernia. While they may show up anywhere on your body, they are extremely common between the chest and hips.

If organs protrude, they create a lump or bulge. In some cases, the lump can be pushed back into your abdomen, and in other situations, it will disappear when you lie down. The lump may even show up when you do something physical, cough, or laugh.

Hernia Signs

The most common sign of a hernia is a protruding bulge. It is an indication that the intestine or organ has begun poking through the muscle wall. The swelling can be extremely painful, and it can even grow. Many people with a hernia may also experience a dull ache when they lift.

Surgery Intervention

Sometimes, the hernia will stay small and won’t cause problems or pain. In this case, surgery isn’t required right away. However, usually, hernias are going to grow. If you don’t have the issue repaired, this may lead to serious complications.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you aren’t sure if you need hernia surgery, it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor. This will let you know if you should undergo the procedure and if it will help alleviate the pain and discomfort you feel. Being informed will help you know when to act.

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