Stop smoking for these reasons and tips

A smoker is sick of smoking. Smoking is responsible for different types of cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases, such as COPD. The snuff is the leading preventable cause of disease, disability and premature death in developed countries.

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It’s time to quit. You do this to get an absolute abstinence from snuff; you must establish an individual plan with a D-Day to quit and preparing strategies to help cope with the difficulties that arise.

10 positive reasons to quit smoking

  1. Your senses of taste and smell, atrophied by the arrival to the respiratory tract of harmful substances snuff, get going again for you to taste your favorite flavors and can recognize the smell of the people you want.
  2. You will have a brilliant few days to leave the snuff smoke exposure skin.
  3. Your mouth and teeth look better, more hygienic, improving the smile you deserve to accompany you in life.
  4. You better tolerate exercise; you will be more agile and feel freer to move around the world.
  5. The personal challenge that you are thinking to decide to leave the snuff will make you stronger and happier and quitting success feed your self-esteem to stop being a prisoner of this drug.
  6. You know the effects of smoking and do not want for your children, siblings and friends.
  7. Your pockets will thank you. The snuff is a major expense that can enjoy other activities and health supplements that contribute to your future daily.
  8. You will create cleaner and healthier, smoke – free, to enjoy your time with smaller and larger environments.
  9. Avoid the development of diseases that worsen your quality of life and which would have to take pills daily.
  10. Your time is important; losing in a cigarette is not a good idea. You can spend those minutes to so many things that you will feel more satisfied.

Do it now in 5 steps

  1. You take the decision based on a list of reasons set yourself a date and communicate your family and friends.
  2. Removes all snuff, lighters and ashtrays around you the day before D.
  3. Fighting the urge to smoke with water, breaths and sport, and avoid, at least the first few days, risk situations such as coffee or large meals.
  4. Do not think of smoking as a good thing you’ve lost and remember the advantages of not smoking: improve your physical appearance, save money, breathe better …
  5. Remember that the urge to smoke are removed quitting. Every cigarette you turn perpetuates a series of brain mechanisms that underlie nicotine dependence.

Leaving the snuff:

It is the best that you can do for your health right now. And, if you need it, you can find lots of specialized professionals to help you stay motivated in your decision to choose a healthier life no longer spend moments of anxiety and sadness derived from typical monkey.

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