Signs a Senior Loved One May Need Help a Home

Home care provides a foundation for again at home. However, you may wonder when it is time to look into these services. In most cases, the earlier, the better when it comes to in-home assistance.

While this is true, there are some specific signs you should consider elderly home care Massachusetts. Keep reading to find out what these signs are.

Their Home is Cluttered

A sign your senior loved one may need help is if their home is always dirty or untidy. This could include garbage piled up, clutter, stacks of dirty dishes, and dirty or unfolded laundry. Typically, an unkempt or cluttered home indicates a problem with home maintenance, too. The grass could be overgrown, and snow may not be shoveled. There may be certain safety issues in the home too, which should not be ignored.

Low Personal Hygiene

If someone’s personal hygiene is declining, it may occur over time, and the subtle changes may not be noticed at first. However, if you notice your loved one’s appearance is not what it used to be, or if you detect body odor, soiled clothing, or other issues, these are all red flats. Your loved one may be dealing with physical or memory issues and need assistance getting things back under control.

Problems Driving

Signs that your senior loved one may not need to drive include traffic tickets, dents in their vehicle, fender benders, and similar issues. If you notice these situations, now is the time to take action and look into home care services.

As you can see from the information here, there are several factors to consider. However, if your loved one needs in-home care, do not ignore the situation. As time passes, things may get worse, which could put their health and well-being at risk. All this can be avoided with professional at-home care services.

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