Seven things that can not be engaged before bedtime

There are certain rules that allow for better sleep, even though a lot of stress of modern life. The journalists The Daily Mail talked with major experts in the field of Sleep, who told what rules you need to follow who want to sleep.


1. No load before going to bed. Many people have free time that can be devoted to the sport, there is only late in the evening. That’s why some facilities are currently working around the clock. However, the expert from New York, Dr. Janet Kennedy says that this habit will adversely affect the quality of sleep due to violations of human biological rhythms. After loads people need time to cool down, and if it is not necessary to go to bed, it just will not be able to fall asleep for a long time.

2. No meals. A sleep expert at Stanford University, Dr. Morris Ohayon says that eating before bed is absolutely contraindicated. In the dream, the digestive system almost does not work, because the person is in the supine position. And the most effective position of the body for digestion is vertical, and we need some time to stand or sit.

3. Never check e-mail. For many people, smart phones, tablet computers and laptops have become a part of life. However, in the sleep experts do not recommend the use of these gadgets in bed since they excite the nervous system.

4. Do not look militants. In the evening on the TV show a lot of different kinds of aggressive television programs and movies that should not watch if you want to sleep soundly, and – due to their stress level rises. But melodrama and comedy to see it is possible.

5. Do not drink alcohol. It seems reasonable to treat yourself to a couple of glasses of wine or beer after a long day’s work. But the use of alcohol in the evening leads to sleep disturbances. Also, drunken people often snore at night

6. No caffeine. We all know that caffeine is energy, which tones and helps to sleep. However, some people need to refrain from the use of caffeine even in the daytime, because their bodies are too sensitive.

7. Switch off the light. Small light sources such as night-light are absolutely harmless. But in any case, try to sleep in a lighted room. The fact is that our body is subject to circadian rhythms and hormones, causing a feeling of drowsiness, appear only in the dark.

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