It turns fat to be better than thin

Many people tend to lose weight, get rid of the extra kilos.

However, scientists have assured that do not need this. According to experts, thinness can take away a person about eight years of life. For several years, researchers have studied people with different weights. As it turned out, too thin people died sooner than their peers who have a normal weight.

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Nevertheless, the body may have some effect on the body. Fat people at risk of dying earlier than their peers who have a weight problem do not arise. On average, these people live less than four years. It was also recorded during the study, in which a large number of volunteers took part.
Scientists rush to add that the fullness and thinness is a person a lot of problems. If thin people are exposed to cardio – vascular and mental diseases, the fat people at risk of having diabetes, joint problems. Such diseases wear out the body, making it more weakened. That is why it is very important to watch your weight, keep it normal. And the skinny and fat people need to monitor their health carefully.

Researchers pay attention to the fact that the fullness always attracted the attention of such people and try as soon as possible to help professionals and thin people are not given much attention. Scientists say they need to pay attention equally to people and underweight, and with its excess. People with abnormalities in weight should be under medical supervision, which will help bring health in order.

Statistics say that thinness is incredibly dangerous. It brings a lot of diseases, sometimes even more than the completion. This suggests that it is not necessary to torment the organism diets and fasting. Meals should be correct and balanced. A healthy lifestyle helps to keep normal weight. Only then you will avoid the huge health problems.

In particular, treatment methods that will keep the weight are normal, not allowing his deviations currently being developed by specialists. The latest developments can help a large number of people. That is why this area is necessary to develop and learn.

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