How to make hair soft?

A dozen tips to help in the fight for perfectly smooth and soft locks.

Water briefing

To stop wondering how to make hair soft and shiny , always wash your hair (or at least rinse at the end of washing) in cold water. This method is not only invigorates the spirit: in contrast to the warm water, cool closes the hair scales and prevents their fragility.

Calm down!

After a shower is not aggressively rub the hair – so they will only hurt and become charged. It is better to gently blot the strands with a towel.

It will be hot

How to make hair softer? Do not overuse elements for styling . Curling, hair dryer and hair iron – culprits of hair stiffness. This is not surprising, because the hot air contributes to the loss of moisture and damage the cuticle and hair shaft. If you really abandon them does not work, be sure to prepare the locks , causing them a good thermal protection spray or a special serum.

kiss off

Even if you are dreaming about long hair , that’s no reason not to go to the hairdresser. After all, first of all hair must be healthy – so they grow faster and appear to be steeper. So do not run the tips and visit the stylist every six weeks.

He even fruit

To dry the strands did not look lifeless, treat them “guacamole” avocado . This fruit is rich in vitamins and proteins, which are useful not only for the body but also the hair. To do this, a good rub (to avoid lumps) avocado 2-3 tablespoons olive oil and 2 tablespoons of honey. Apply gruel comb with wide teeth for 10-30 minutes and rinse.

Salute, faith!

It turns out that aloe vera not only helps with burns. This plant contains enzymes that promote healthy growth of the strands and domain softening effect. And all because aloe is similar to keratin (which is the main protein building hair) structure, so easily penetrates curls uleplyaya them. Just mix a few drops of aloe vera gel in warm water, brush your locks with this mixture, leave for 30 minutes and rinse. This is best suited fresh gel squeezed from home leaf aloe. If the gardener of you no, buy a gel at the pharmacy, most importantly, make sure that its composition was not alcohol.

Pure is actuated

How hard do the hair soft and carefully wash them by means of styling and dust? In this difficult task will help apple cider vinegar. In addition to cleansing, this trick will restore the balance of PH-strands and seal the hair scales. Mix a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. After you wash out hair shampoo and balsam , rinse your locks with this mixture. Thoroughly rub the solution into the roots and length of hair, and then rinse with (of course, cool water).

On the crest

Do not brush wet hair – so you are only hurting them. Strands should be dry. And in order to remain soft tips, use a comb with a few teeth. Divide hair into sections, start combing them at the roots by moving comb vertically. Those who always complains of scalp sensitivity and intricate locks, before brushing advise to put on locks soothing leave-in-conditioner.

Banana Republic

Super softening mask can prepare his own . Mash a banana with two tablespoons of yogurt (do not limit yourself – choose the one that is fatter). And now note: rub the finished paste into the scalp, and do not eat it (even temptation is great). Put on a hat. Rinse off with a nutritious cocktail with head in an hour. Voila, your hair will be soft and shiny.

In time slip away

Of course, everyone decides for himself how often he needs to wash your hair . After all, it depends on the type of hair. For example, dense and dry hair stay clean longer and thin and prone to fat require more frequent cleaning. But the more often you wash your hair, the faster they will become contaminated. Plus it hurts strands, especially if you use shampoos containing sulfates and other chemicals. So without fanaticism – wash your hair at least every other day.

Air pocket

When dry the hair dryer, make sure that keep it properly . Firstly, do not forget to put on his diffuser. Second, direct the air stream from the top down, then the hair will remain soft and smooth. And if you dry the hair flow, upward, they immediately raspushatsya and will look sloppy.

As silk

How to make hair soft and silky? Check out what made your pillowcases. Preference is better to give a satin or silk: unlike conventional cotton, the fabric does not create a strong friction and respectively – the less damage the hair.

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