How To Lose Weight Fast

Are you tired of dragging extra pounds? The best way to lose weight sustainably is to regularly follow a low calorie diet. If you are only looking to get rid of a few pounds quickly, you can achieve your short-term goals by applying one of the many common tricks and weight-loss methods. We invite you to continue reading to find out more about the issue.

method 1

Exercise to lose weight

1. Spend time to do physical exercises.

Indeed, when you start, these exercises allow you to develop your muscles. In addition, they form an essential component of any long-term weight loss plan. Regardless of your workload, if you want to lose weight effectively, you will have to strive to find the time necessary to do sports daily. How quickly you lose weight may also depend on simple exercises, like going to the store to walk instead of drive there.

    • Turn your household chores into physical exercise. Take the stairs regularly, take out the dog three times a day, dust off your furniture, sweep and mop the floor vigorously.
    • Increase the frequency of your walks. Prefer the stairs to the escalators, and park your car as far as possible from the shops.
    • Practice a hobby that allows you to move even if it is not really a physical exercise. You can burn calories by doing activities such as gardening, building small projects, working on your car or playing with animals.

2. Try a physical training program. If you want to lose weight quickly in anticipation of a particular event, and you are not afraid of regaining weight later, you can try an accelerated training program. Many women’s health magazines and even sports halls offer programs of this type designed for visible weight loss after only a few days of training.

3. Be realistic by choosing your exercises before starting a new program. If you are hoping to lose weight sustainably, you will need to do more than an accelerated slimming program. The best way to do this is to choose exercises you already know and appreciate. If you do not like running, do not choose to race your main exercise. Compared to an exercise you enjoy, you will need much more courage every day to train you. Therefore, try different exercises in order to choose the ones you really like, such as swimming, cycling or even Zumba.

    • Remember that games such as volleyball, tennis and even discoplane can help you burn calories. These are also fun and collective exercises that you will probably enjoy on a daily basis.

4Try a cardiovascular training. Medically, it is best to combine cardiovascular exercises and resistance training. Cardiovascular exercises will help you lose weight faster. When choosing, especially think of high performance exercises like aerobics and basic training programs, that is to say with a moderate to high intensity programs .

    • Some cardiovascular movements can help you lose fat quickly, because the weight and strength of the workout can induce your metabolism to work more efficiently.

5. Have an interesting drive .

The variety of exercises is paramount to keep your motivations and keep you healthy. When you do a daily exercise program, you increase the risk of an accident. In addition, you will probably be bored, and your exercises will become less interesting. So if you frequent a gym, do not hesitate to change devices, or practice group sessions and training include some resistance training in your program .

    • Practice moderate aerobic movements. Incorporate into your workouts a fast-paced walk, cycling, exercises with cardiovascular equipment or swimming. Thus, you will burn calories while keeping your heart healthy.
    • Try the dumbbells. Whether you are a man or a woman, resistance training with dumbbells can help you get a lasting benefit by developing your musculature and boosting your metabolism. Slimming methods that combine aerobics with exercises with dumbbells can burn appreciable amounts of fat.

 6. Choose exercises that work your entire body.

So, the different muscle groups will be put to use, and you will burn more calories. It’s like when you do multidisciplinary school exercises. Consider combining a resistance training with another such attempt to lift small weights with your arms while you run or you cycle.

    • Rest for at least 24 to 48 hours between strength training sessions on the same muscle group. For example, work your biceps and abdominal muscles by alternating daily sessions, and refrain from exercising for two days a week.

7. Get enough rest .

Thus, you will be in shape during the day, and you will probably eat less. In addition, you will reduce the risk of an accident during your training. In fact, lack of sleep is linked to an inability to lose weight. Therefore, a good night’s sleep can help you lose weight.

method 2

Diets to Lose Weight Quickly

1. Make a fruit juice cure .

This method is the Hollywood diet name . There are several kinds of fruit juice cures. However, the main idea is to consume only juices prepared from raw fruits and vegetables. The treatment will help your body get rid of toxins and lose weight by making you more alert and healthier .

    • Most cures last from one to three days, and some last up to seven days. You can buy a box containing detoxifying products at a health food store or on the Internet. You can also use your own centrifuge.
    • Be sure to incorporate several vegetables into your cleansing diet. Fruit juice contains a lot of sugar, and if you drink it in large quantities, you risk gaining weight instead of losing it.
    • Among the well-known US products include “Cooler Cleanse,” “Blue Print” and “Life Juice”.

2. Apply the “master cleanse” regime.

This diet, also called lemon diet, includes lemonade lemonade with cayenne pepper, water and maple syrup, salt water and a laxative herbal medicines. The diet lasts for 16 days. The first three days are devoted to familiarizing yourself with the diet by eating only fresh fruits and vegetables. During the next 10 days, the food is only in liquid form. Finally, the last three days are utilized to gradually return to normal diet.

    • Know that this diet is considered more like a detox than a weight loss diet. It is only followed for short-term weight loss.

3Try the water diet.

It is about drinking about eight cups of cold water a day at regular intervals. Drink one before each meal to decrease your appetite. By doing so, you will limit the portions of food you eat during each meal. You will not be hungry and you will decrease your calorie intake.

    • Remember that your meal will not be limited to drink a glass of water only because such a diet can be dangerous if it lasts long. Your body needs food to stay healthy and maintain a strong metabolism. If you drink only water for two or three days, you risk gaining more weight when you resume a normal diet, because the functioning of your metabolism has been exceedingly slow.

4. Try fasting.

In this regime, one takes into account the constitution of the human body which allows us to make bombance and to resist the famine. Thus, simply recreate a famine situation for losing weight. In this diet, it means taking only 500 calories if you are a woman, or 600 calories if you are a man, and this for two days a week. During these days of fasting, you will have to eat only vegetables, seeds, legumes and fruit.

    • This diet does not exempt you from your training sessions during fasting days and other days as well.
    • Before following this diet, begin by fasting for half a day to see your body’s reaction.

method 3

Carry out a feeding program

1. Calculate the calories you need.

Knowing the minimum number of calories your body needs to function properly will help you make your own diet plan in order to lose weight quickly and sustainably. Your calorie requirements depend on your age, gender, number of activities and intensity. You can use an online calculator to determine the daily intake of calories you need  .

    • You can also determine your daily amount of food by contacting a dietician or doctor. It will help you clarify your goals, your particular dietary needs and how to improve your plan.
    • Establish a feeding plan. Choose healthy, balanced meals consisting of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, good fats and lean protein. A typical meal should consist of 50% vegetables or fruits and 50% complete seeds or lean protein.
    • To start losing weight today, you can examine the “DASH” diet against high blood pressure or the “TLC” diet that lowers the bad cholesterol level. Other plans might suit you, like the regime “Mayo Clinic” diet recommended by the British organization “Weight Watcher” or the regime “Volumetrics” also known under the name of energy density. Do an online search for information on diets and foods that will help you achieve your diet plan.

2. Eat foods that reduce your appetite.

Taking balanced meals, you will be able to reduce your calorie intake and decrease your appetite . Therefore, you will not risk undermining your slimming plan by eating a lot. Some foods have the property of giving you a feeling of satiety for a long time. Try adding the following foods to your diet:

    • grapefruit,
    • The gruel,
    • apples,
    • eggs,
    • ginger,
    • the dried fruit,
    • Leafy vegetables,
    • potatoes,
    • The dark chocolate,
    • Spicy foods.

3. Keep a food journal.

Note for a full week the approximate quantities of meals, snacks and drinks you consume. This method will help you to know your diet and stay healthy. If possible, record the number of calories for each meal or snack you eat.

    • Do not forget to include coffee blends, condiments and other products that go into your daily diet

4Consider the factors that trigger your urge to eat.

These factors are activities that prompt you to snack. For some people, it is about watching a movie at night, or late watching to revise. If you know your factors, you will be able to make arrangements, like having on hand a sufficient amount of healthy snacks.

    • If you do not buy unhealthy foods for your snacks, you will greatly reduce the risk of sabotaging your diet.

5Pay attention to your food intake .

Indicate appropriate amounts of these rations in your diet plan. For example, a healthy snack of dried almonds and cranberries can bring you a lot of calories if you do not pay attention to quantities. Moreover, the preparation of predetermined rations can help you avoid overeating, and familiarize you with your snacks.

    • The consumption of snacks with very high taste can last longer and better meet your desires. A small bar of dark chocolate is delicious, it takes a while to melt and is enough to satisfy you. On the other hand, milk chocolate bars would barely satisfy your desire. A candy meets your desire immediately and makes you forget the food. A dark beer can satisfy you, although it is not very drinkable, and probably you will not take just one.
    • Make a list of the ingredients needed to prepare your meals, and keep your list when shopping. By reviewing the flyers distributed by supermarkets, you will probably have ideas, and you will save money by buying items and seasonal products.

6. Do not skip meals.

When you take a good breakfast, you will increase your metabolism, you will be in better shape and you will resist better the desire to have a calorie-laden snack later. Plan to take a small snack or a meal every two or four hours to keep your metabolism active. By eating at regular intervals, you will maintain a constant level of sugar in the blood, and you will reduce bad calories or deviations from your nutrition plan.

7. Resist the temptation to draw from the shelves of your convenience store.

Do not use soft drinks, cookies, ice creams, pizzas and other foods loaded with fats and highly processed. Thus, you will reduce your chances of buying products not recommended for health. If you do not see these products, they will not tempt you

8. Intelligently replace the very caloric products you love.

You can choose to consume a recommended health product to replace another one that you prefer, but that contains a lot of sugars and fats. Replacing processed foods high in calories by other healthier, you increase your chances of losing weight faster.

    • Consider following a vegetarian diet for a few days a week. By replacing meat with nutritious foods such as beans, tofu or lentils, you can significantly reduce your daily calories while adding several nutrients to your diet.
    • Take delicious fruit for dessert instead of a processed biscuit or cake.
    • For snacks, replace chips and sweet bars with nutritious foods that contain little fat and calories. Try combining cheese sticks and a handful of grapes, spreading crackers with peanut butter, or plunge red pepper into a few tablespoons of hummus.
    • Try to consume vinegar or lemon juice instead of your ranch sauce or your blue cheese vinaigrette.
    • Prepare your dishes by replacing the butter with a spoonful of olive oil

9. Refrain from drinking sugary drinks.

Drink water, tea, black coffee or Seltzer water instead of drinking soft drinks, energy drinks, flavored coffee or martinis. Reducing the intake of calories by substitution is often much easier than you think. For example, a large cream coffee in the morning can bring you 500 calories. Knowing that a pound of body fat lost or won is equivalent to about 3500 calories, you understand the value of replacement by a white coffee black coffee to lose a pound a week .

    • To avoid taking hundreds more calories per day, consider drinking water instead of taking a soft drink, coffee, alcohol, juice or milk. By increasing your water intake, you will help your body to assimilate the food you are taking. In addition, you will be fit, and you will get the most out of your physical exercises.
    • If, for a week, you drink water instead of your other drinks, you will definitely lose weight faster, and you will see a dramatic improvement in your strength and even your appearance.




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