4 Signs That a Family Member With Dementia Needs Additional Care

Becoming more forgetful is a normal part of the aging process. Determining whether a loved one is simply forgetting things on occasion or may be suffering from some form of dementia can be a painful, but necessary process. Some types of dementia may be mild, while others, such as Alzheimer’s disease, can be much more serious. Four basic indicators often signal that it is time to consider moving a family member into a living facility for dementia care Denver.

Mood Changes

It’s normal for everyone to feel down once in a while or get angry at times. However, when someone who has been diagnosed with dementia is sad frequently and easily becomes irritated with family and friends, there may be a greater cause for concern.

Short-term Memory Loss

What’s the difference between normal forgetfulness and short-term memory loss? Not remembering seemingly unimportant things happens to everyone. But, regularly forgetting names of family and friends, misplacing regularly-used items, such as keys, and asking the same questions repeatedly can be indicators of a more serious issue.


Additional care may also be something to consider when you notice that a close relative displays an inability to make decisions. Other warning signs could be if a relative has trouble concentrating and makes poor judgments when it comes to serious matters like paying bills and making other financial decisions.


A fourth area that often causes concern is seeing a close relative repeatedly in a state of confusion. Some may get lost in familiar places such as the family’s neighborhood or a local grocery store. Forgetting what day it is or what time of year it is are additional markers that a memory problem is getting more severe.

Considering whether a family member is in need of greater care than can be offered in the home is a matter that should not be taken lightly. However, dismissing the concerns mentioned above could prove dangerous to both the loved one and his or her family.

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