12 good applies to keep hair healthy, shiny and strong

Healthy Hair

Most women care about maintaining beautiful hair because we know that these are one of our physical attractions.

However, sometimes we practice certain customs which are not healthy and which directly influence the deterioration of the hair.

The constant use of hair dryer, chemical dyes and prolonged exposure to UV rays from the sun are some of the things that negatively affect hair health.

Fortunately, it is never too late to repair the damage by adopting a number of habits that allow us to keep the hair silky and without blemishes.

1. Use only the necessary amount of shampoo

washing hair with shampoo

Avoid using too much shampoo to wash hair regularly. Although this is ideal for removing dirt, a one tablespoon potion is enough.

Excessive application of this product causes inflammation in the hair follicle and makes the hair dull.

2. Wash the  hair masks thoroughly

After applying  nourishing mask, wash all residue well to avoid excess grease and other changes.

Remember, if you have hair that grease fast, you should apply these products starting from the middle to the ends.

3. brushing hair several times a day

If you want to promote the growth of your hair and give them shine, brush them two to three times a day to stimulate circulation.

This facilitates the oxygenation of the cells and promotes the restoration of brittle and dull hair.

4. Use white vinegar

Hair-care oil

A quick and effective solution to recover the brightness of your hair is to rub a good amount of white vinegar.

This natural product restores the natural pH of the scalp and helps to reduce the presence of fungi that cause dandruff .

5. A lawyer’s mask

Avocado is one of the organic products that brings the most nutrients to your hair when you apply it as a mask.

It contains essential fatty acids and proteins that restore hair structure to combat hair loss and hair loss .

You can only use its pulp or mixed with honey, coconut oil or some other extra product.

6. Use the egg as a shampoo

If the commercial shampoo does not meet your expectations, replace it with the egg white.

Incredibly! This ingredient cleans thoroughly, restores damaged hair and provides hydration without weakening them.

7. Cut the ends

Although there are many treatments to repair the damaged extremities, it is best to try to cut them once every two months to promote hair strengthening .

Cutting is an effective solution against drying out and is the most effective way to stimulate hair oxygenation.

8. Protect hair from the sun

As is the case with the skin, prolonged exposure to the sun weakens the hair and influences problems like fall and breakage.

To protect them, you can give them nourishing care once a week, or buy hair creams with sunscreen.

9. Avoid salt shampoo

Salt is one of the compounds of shampoo that causes damage to natural hair fibers. If you can not get one that does not contain one, choose one that is made with 100% natural ingredients.

10. Increase the consumption of biotin

Biotin is an essential vitamin that stimulates the growth of hair and nails. It is also known that vitamin B7 and is a nutrient soluble in water that promotes cell division and growth.

Some foods rich in biotin are:

beef or goat liver.



Green peas.


Complete rice.

Beer yeast.

11. Avoid Stress

Whether to work or study often you undergo stressful situations, try learning a few relaxation techniques to help you mitigate its effects.

This psychological disorder physically affects the health of the hair and is directly related to the increase in their fall.

12. Increase water consumption

Just as water plays a major role in the health of the vital organs of the body, it is also essential for hair beauty.

Its daily intake helps to moisturize the hair naturally, preventing their dryness and weakening them.

Keep these tips in your daily beauty routine and you’ll get beautiful hair without spending too much on expensive repair products.

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