10 tips for taking care of our skin

The skin is both precious and fragile, which makes it vulnerable to dramatic changes in temperatures. With these tips, it will help our skin to better experience the vagaries of the weather…

Image Source: Google Image
Image Source: Google Image

1 – Use special creams:
Like a wardrobe; cosmetics must change according to the season. While it is preferable to use an emulsion or a light cream during the summer for the winter months, your skin will truly need a richer, more nourishing cream offering greater protection against bad weather, wind, cold etc.

2 – A complete skin care:
Autumn is the best time of year for deep cleaning of the skin. The best option is to provide a cleanser in beauty salons, for a pure and radiant. For tighter budgets, it is possible to get a home care, with a special facial scrub, followed by a moisturizing and mattifying mask according to skin type (dry or pretty gross).

3 – It exfoliates regularly:
A facial scrub and body once a week helps remove dead skin cells to allow it to better absorb care.

4 – Apply a cream morning and evening:
Each morning after cleansing, a moisturizing cream is applied to nourish and protect the skin. In the evening, a special night cream is used to treat damaged skin during the day. These two steps are essential for a glowing complexion.

5 – Avoided temperature changes:
Avoid hot showers and long baths because the skin suffers a sudden change in temperature from the ambient cold to very high temperatures? To prevent such attacks, it is ensured that the bath or shower never exceeds 37 ° C and there remains no more than 20 minutes.

6 – It follows the key stages:
To protect our skin to prevent aging and prepare for sudden drops in temperature, we must take great care. How? By cleansing the face and removing all traces of makeup twice daily to cleanse the skin before moisturizing.

7 – You do not forget the lips:
When the wind starts blowing and the temperatures drop, the lips are the first to suffer. It is therefore essential to apply a lip balm several times a day, and a thicker layer before bed, which will act as a repair mask.

8 – Care for hands:
The hands also suffer during the winter months as they are very exposed. Thus it is appropriate to use a special cream that will prevent them from drying.

9 – Full of vitamins is made:
Fruits and vegetables are our allies to stay slim and healthy throughout the winter. As a precaution, it is good to stock up on vitamins and eating at least 5 fruits and vegetables daily.

10 – We drink lots:
The first danger of winter skin is dehydration. To prevent this pretty face dry, drink at least 1.5 liters of water during the day, starting with a full glass of water upon waking to eliminate toxins accumulated overnight.

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