5 Tips to Use Your Coffee Maker as a Professional

90% of addicts to technology, programming and video games are also addicted to something else: coffee.This great drink accompanies us from the early mornings when we enter our work, to the long sleepless nights when we are delivering a project or studying.

It is the faithful companion of every student, programmer or game during the long hours in front of the screen of our notebook. That’s why today we are going to dedicate the following post to give you 4 tricks to get the maximum potential from our coffee machine , and make your coffee is like serving you in the best coffee shops.

Making a good coffee is an art, not just mixing hot water with little ground coffee beans, there are tips and tricks that we bring today, that will mark a great change in the way we prepare and serve our coffee machine . Are you ready? Let’s start with the 5 basic tips to improve your daily coffee.

1. Check the water temperature

Good coffee machines allow you to control the temperature of the water, this is one of the most important things when preparing a good coffee. The better your machine is, the more control it allows you to have the preparation you perform. Make sure your machine has a temperature control, and once you can control it, the coffee should be made at a temperature between 90 and 94 degrees.

And if you do not have a temperature control or a machine that measures it, make sure the water is not boiling at all, otherwise, you can “burn” your coffee and it will not taste the same as if you did it at a temperature Which we mentioned earlier.

2. Grind the beans

Ground coffee and coffee beans make a big difference. Even in the smell, it is different, it smells a bag of ground coffee in the vacuum, and a bag of freshly ground beans and you will notice the difference.

When preparing the coffee is exactly the same, you will get the highest excellence in coffee if you use a coffee grinder or grinder, there are several manuals and other automatic that will leave your coffee freshly ground and ready to use in the machine.

Try grinding the coffee in different ways and thicker or finer, and then tell us how it went.

3. The exact dose makes the difference

Italian coffee experts always recommend that an espresso is made with 7 grams of coffee, no more, no less. This goes a bit against what most coffee shops do, which is serving about 16 to 20 grams of coffee per cup.

It is also important to ensure that the coffee is evenly located throughout the machine’s coffee tank, this will prevent some areas from receiving greater pressure than others, where it will undoubtedly change the taste of the coffee.

4. Extraction time

The time that we take coffee from the machine is one of the points that can be improved by making coffee daily. It is generally advised to remove the cup from the machine after about 30 seconds of being there after filling the 25 to 35 ml that usually occupy an express measure.

Most people remove their coffee in about 15 seconds when preparing it at home, remember to let it sit a little and wait at least 30 seconds to remove it.

5. Use only 100% pure water

One tip that is on the cover of the book but that never hurts is not using tap water or tap. The coffee should be made with pure water of bottles, 100% free of any type of substances like chlorine and other derivatives that are used in the water that arrives at your home by pipe.

The purer the water, the greater the taste of your coffee, even if it is not the best, you will notice a big difference

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