Why is There so Much Worry in the Events Industry About the 21st June

As we ease out of lockdown, we start to see a return to normal life and one of the last things to be welcomed back will be large events. Events such as football matches, concerts, festivals and conferences are something that will be hopefully back soon, but for the organisers of these events there is some worry about the fact that a delay to the 21st of June date could cause problems.

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It is not as simple as saying yes this can go ahead now, as a lot of organisation behind the scenes is needed for larger events – things such as making sure that there is event medical cover such as Outdoor medical solutions available on the site, as well as things like portable toilets, food vendors and all of the kit that comes with hosting a large event, much of which has to be hired.

Planning all of this for a large event takes a considerable amount of time and many festivals such as Glastonbury have decided that this is something that they don’t want to risk so are therefore not going to go ahead with the festival this year.

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Because of all of this forward planning, arranging a large event is a bit of a gamble if it is something that may not go ahead – which is why many large event organisers are now concerned about the date being moved back.

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