Why Are Chandeliers So Popular In Luxury Properties?

More and more prime and luxury properties are now installing both antique and modern made chandeliers. According to this recent article in the Telegraph, London’s prime properties are now featuring more and more chandeliers as focal points.

From a £10,000 designer focal piece in the middle of the living room, through to antique crystal chandeliers from http://roccoborghese.com/crystal-chandeliers/borghesina-classica/ that are placed throughout the house, a chandelier or many chandeliers really can bring a property to life, which is probably why more and more properties in prime areas, or luxury buildings now make full use of such features.

So, just why are they so popular within the luxury market?

A Statement Of Wealth

Let’s not avoid the obvious. Wealthy people often like expensive things, and when you are spending £9,000 on a designer light fitting, this is rather stating the obvious when it comes to why luxury properties often have luxury furnishings and fittings.

The most expensive hotels in the world have chandeliers, the most expensive developments in the world often have chandeliers and some of the biggest, most famous buildings in the worlds have chandeliers.

They really are a big statement that they cost money, and whilst there are other reasons as we discuss below, as a statement of wealth, you won’t find much else that you can put in your home that shows this.

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A Focal Point

Your sat around a glass dining table, eating a lovely meal, with the finest of cutlery and company, and residing above you is the most stunning, awe inspiring antique crystal chandelier.

As a focal point, what more could ask for? Chandeliers are stunning focal pieces made for large rooms in which conversation should flow, and whilst you can buy smaller ones that make less of an impact, the bigger the better when it comes to making a focal point in the key rooms in the property.

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The Perfect Finishing Touch

You have spent thousands on luxury wooden flooring, have sourced the finest wallpaper you can buy, invested in a handmade rug from the other side of the world, and you want the best, most impressive and perfect finishing touch for the room. And therefore, you get the finest chandelier installed that you can. The finishing touch that tops all finishing touches, and whilst you have a lot of other lovely things in your luxury property, your chandelier completes the whole scene, and makes your kitchen, living room or dining room complete.

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