Which Type of Alcohol License Do You Need?

Owning an establishment that serves alcohol means you need to have the right licenses and permits. Otherwise, you could be facing hefty fines. What you might not realize is that securing an alcohol license Dallas TX could be more complicated than you realize. There are different types of alcohol permits, and each one has its own set of rules and guidelines. Some are more common than others, though. Chances are your establishment will fit into a common category.

Brewer’s Self-Distribution Permit

A brewer’s self-distribution permit (DA) is necessary if you intend to make and sell your own malt liquors or ales. This permit is for anyone looking to open his or her brewery. Keep in mind that while it allows you to make and distribute up to 125,000 barrels annually, only 40,000 of them can go through your establishment. Any additional barrels must be sold to wholesalers.

Food and Beverage Certificate

If you a restaurant or some other business with a primary operation of serving food, you may be eligible or a food and beverage certificate (FB). This type of permit allows you to serve beer and wine as long as you meet several requirements, and alcohol sales do not exceed more than 50% of your profits. With some additional paperwork, you may also use this permit alongside a mixed beverages permit.

On-Premises Licenses

Texas also provides a range of on-premises license options. These choices will likely affect you if you own a bar or restaurant, want to serve specific drinks, or want to stay open during late hours. You may need multiple permits, depending on your situation. Be sure to consider all your choices before applying for one, lest you apply for the wrong license and lose money along the way.

Determining which licenses and permits you need can be confusing, especially if it’s your first time. Luckily, you can find help. A consulting expert or business attorney can help you determine which license best meets your needs and keeps your business operating legally.

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