What You May Not Know About IPC Certification

IPC is the global association associated with the electrical manufacturing industry. IPC certification comes at CIS and CIT levels.

CIS is the basic certification issued to production operators and quality engineers. It stands for Certified IPC specialist. CIT is an acronym for Certified IPC Trainer, where other employees pick an employer to become CIT certified. The chosen one is training and production operator certification in the CIS category.

The highest level of IPC Certification is the MIT(master IPC trainer). A qualified certificate holder can train CIT and CIS professionals by providing high-level technical skills and support within their administrations. Becoming an MIT requires being the employee of a Licenced Training Center.

IPC Certification is required in the medical, military, and defense sectors. Medical engineers responsible for making medical appliances that require soldering must be IPC Certified. It ensures that they are equipped with hands-on training. Military engineers need IPC Certification to provide any products within the industry’s specifications.

The J-STD-001 certification comes in handy in both career paths as one learns soldering skills and hands-on skills to tackle the electronics industry. Certification options largely depend on what career path you aim to take in the electrical manufacturing industry.

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