What exactly does the FDA do and regulate?

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is a vast public body in the US with a powerful and far-reaching remit. Here is a closer look into the four main areas that it is charged with regulating and guiding.

What exactly does the FDA do and regulate

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Approving medicine, food and more

The FDA exists to protect public health by quality assuring certain new food and drug products before they are allowed to be sold to the public. The government organization has a broad remit, working to make sure that a range of products are fit for human consumption including drugs, medical devices, food and biological products. Its scope also includes any radiation-emitting devices and cosmetics.

Supporting public health

At the same time, the body is charged with progressing the country’s public health by working to hasten the innovations that allow medicines to become safer, more effective and increasingly affordable, ensuring in the process that the country’s public has access to scientific information that is accurate, timely and allows them to choose the right products to improve and maintain good health.

Managing tobacco

The FDA also plays an important role in regulating the manufacture, distribution and marketing of tobacco products, protecting the health of the public and driving forward measures that can help reduce tobacco use in minors.

Protecting the nation

Finally, it has a very important role in minimizing the country’s terrorism risks by ensuring a secure food supply for Americans and approving medical developments that tackle public health threats. Its scope is very broad indeed, and it is one of the best-known government agencies in the US.

Getting help with the approvals process

Because the processes involved can be complex and very time-consuming, firms that are seeking FDA approval will often use outside companies to help with FDA 510k such as www.fdathirdpartyreview.com. These companies can help with the complex regulations and applications process and can cut down the time needed to obtain an application by providing all of the information required in a timely and compliant way to assist the regulator in its work.

Where to find out more

You can find out more about the FDA and its work at the official government site, which has sections for consumers, companies seeking to gain FDA approval, and other interested bodies, along with news and resources at http://www.fda.gov/.

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