Timber Framed Extension – Why It Is Good For Your Home

Timber Framed Extension is an innovative solution to the problem of remodeling an existing house to make it more modern and contemporary. A newly constructed house with all its interior and exterior details planned and executed according to plan can be very daunting and stressful for the owner. It may be a case of trying to add a room, which is supposed to be left vacant for some time, on to your list of household chores.

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It can also increase your house insurance premium if you were to have to make any repairs in the vacant space right away after the extension is completed. If you were to hire the services of an architect who would do the drafting and designing of your extension, it would be easier to deal with and also keep costs down as the costs are spread over fewer projects. The architects would also be familiar with existing works which can serve as reference when necessary.

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Timber framed extensions can increase the overall value of your property and even increase its marketability should you wish to sell it at some point in the future. The design of your Timber Frame Extension will depend upon the size, age, use, environment, style and most importantly your requirements. You can choose from many different styles such as; pre-built kits, self build, timber frame extensions, single storey extensions, etc. You can also choose one of a range of different timber types such as cedar, pine or teak. There are a number of different ways in which you can apply a Timber Framed Extension to increase the overall value of your property, and you can also choose one depending on your own personal requirements.


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