Three Reasons to Hire a Surveyor

If you’re a homeowner or will be one in the near future, you may need land surveying services. These services involve the discipline of determining the three-dimensional position of various points on the Earth’s surface as well as the distances and angles between them. Surveying is critical in establishing maps, building extents and property boundaries. Here are three scenarios that may require survey work.

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Home Purchase

If you’re buying a house, a mortgage lender may require survey work to make sure that the land borders are as described in contract documents. This is especially important for older homes where a neighbor may be encroaching on the property you plan to buy. Perhaps a fence is actually on your lot or a structure may have been extended onto your lot years in the past. A surveyor will confirm limits and check for encroachments.

Property Limits Dispute

What if you suspect that a neighbor’s fence is actually on your property? What if it’s been in violation for years? A licensed surveyor is your best asset in determining the facts. They will compare historical data with boundary markers to determine the limits of your acreage. Their findings are recorded permanently with the local county and can be upheld in court. Consult a land surveyor Hernando County FL for guidance if you find yourself in this scenario.

Adding to Your Home

It is strongly recommended that you survey your property before adding structures. This could be a standalone storage shed or an actual extension to your home. Not having a proper survey puts you in risk of violating local regulations by building structures too close to the limits. You may also be encroaching on a neighbor’s lot, putting you at risk of being sued and charged serious fines.

The purpose and need for survey services may not be obvious. Whether you’re a buyer or current owner, you want to confirm that your plot is actually yours. Surveyors are expert in determining the extents of your tract and provide a legally binding record.

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