The Big Escape to the Countryside

The last year has been a really strange time and for many people, it has forced us to sit back and think about our lives, and what we might like to change about them. For many, the pace of life that was slower during lockdown was something that people enjoyed – spending more time with family and enjoying the smaller things in life was something that a lot of people wanted to continue with – and many people decided that the way forward would be a move to the countryside.

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The property market has boomed in the past year, and estate agents like Gloucester estate agents TGRES have been overwhelmed with demand for rural properties, as people rush to leave the confines and restrictions of city life and embrace a slower pace of life in a rural setting.

The long-term possibility of working from home is one of the biggest factors that has allowed this to happen – with no daily commute to the office a lot of people have seen the benefits of working from home, which has allowed them to move to somewhere further afield. Employers too have embraced working from home – after all rent in the city is expensive and with employees working from home, it is one less thing to worry about in these troubling financial times!

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As well as the changes to working life, health reasons are also a reason to move out of the city, With air pollution in cities being higher, it is a well known fact that this can affect people with health conditions like asthma so the countryside can also benefit you if you suffer from this, as well as mental health problems such as depression – you will be surprised how much being around nature can help!

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