The best way to clean your office windows

Many individuals want to know how their uPVC windows can be washed. They need little upkeep and are very simple to clean. There are several ways, however, to get your windows to gleam. If you are looking at your office windows and thinking that they could do a good clean then you can follow the steps below or better still speak to a Office Cleaning Gloucester company such as Into cleaning who will be able to help you out with all sorts of office cleaning needs.

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Before beginning, make sure that you have:

A wet cloth or a brush and dustpan


Washing up liquid

Cloth microfibre

Paper or Newspapers

Vinegar – any kind will do

On the corners of the windows and on the windowsills, dust builds up. You need to clear the dust before washing. You’re likely to smear dust over your windows and stain them if you skip this and just make your job so much harder.

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You can use a solution of your own and save money. What you need is some warm water and soap. Only a small amount of washing-up liquid is required, so don’t go overboard. In order to gently clean the windows, use a sponge. As a cleaning solution, you can also use white vinegar. In a bucket filled with warm water, add two tablespoons and clean it with a sponge or wet cloth.

You need to dry them after you’ve cleaned the stains from your windows. Using a microfiber cloth and clean gently around the glass to get a streak-free finish. It’s time to shine now. The newspaper is an old favourite and a cheap tool to use. Roll it into a ball and begin the buffing process. A streak-free, sparkling window is going to get you.

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