Ten ideas for transforming your summer house

As an island nation, the UK has always had limited housing space, leading to high accommodation costs.

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With space at a premium, people are looking for other ways to increase the usable space in their properties. An extension is great, but it can be expensive to have one installed.

For many people, a better option is to create a shed, summerhouse or other structure in the garden.

You could go more unusual with the structure itself, such as by converting an old vehicle or building an adult treehouse like 2017’s “Shed of the Year” as shown in the Telegraph.

There are plenty of companies from which you can purchase your garden building. If you are after summer houses In Northern Ireland, you could consider shopping online at http://www.morrowsectionalbuildings.com.

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Create your own beach hut with shells and pastel colours on walls outside and inside. Hang a wind chime and perhaps a couple of model boats to complete the theme.


You can have a sleek, modern building with double glazing, heat and power almost like an extra room in your house.


A summerhouse can be a great entertaining area. A corner-style building takes up less space, leaving you with more room in your garden. Fairy lights or candles can take the celebrations into the evening.

English country garden

A traditional wooden summer house perfectly complements an English country garden to help you slip back in time.

Teenage haven

As long as they have electricity and Wi-Fi, the summerhouse can be a great teenage den, keeping them and their friends out of your hair.


Power and heat will ensure you can take advantage of the extra space to create a home office. For those working from home, it allows for some much-needed work/life separation.

Maximise light

Ensure you make the most of any available natural light and use light colours with mirrors to keep the space light and bright.


A concrete garden is a far more permanent structure than wood and offers great protection against the British weather.


Turn your summerhouse into a playhouse for the kids. With toy boxes and plenty of storage, it’s a great way to reduce their clutter in the main house.

Pampered pet

You could even consider turning the space over to your favourite pet as the ultimate kennel!

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