Ten advantages of using timber in construction

There is now a resurgence in the number of modular timber frame homes being constructed. Here is a look at 10 benefits of this method.

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A natural material

The fact that timber is a natural material brings several benefits: it’s non-toxic, chemical vapours don’t leak into the property, and it’s safe to touch and handle. It also ages naturally, which enables it to maintain its look for longer.


Timber has been used as a construction material for thousands of years, but its sustainability has seen its popularity grow. The materials used by a timber frame construction company can grow quicker than they can be used, and most timber supply countries have committed to planting more trees than they fell.

Less energy used

Wood needs only a small amount of energy to be turned into timber for construction, and it has the lowest embodied energy of any construction material.

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Carbon store

Timber stores the carbon that it draws from the atmosphere, and this remains there for as long as the house is standing or the timber is being used. If this wasn’t used, the carbon would contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Fantastic insulator

One of the reasons that timber frame construction is increasing in popularity – it’s set to have a market share of 32 per cent by 2018 – is that it’s a natural insulator. This reduces the amount of energy required and fossil fuels consumed, and the timber frame provides more insulating space than a traditional brick building.

Energy efficiency

Wood is also a more effective insulator than steel as tiny air pockets in the structure minimise the heat-conducting properties, creating excellent energy-efficient homes.


The timber used by a timber frame construction company, such as http://www.qtfhomes.co.uk, is easy to install, lightweight and only requires regular, simple equipment to work with it. In addition to making construction simpler, it reduces energy use.


The design possibilities available with timber are endless, and the technical and physical proprieties of the material make it an excellent choice for construction.

Quick to build

Timber frame construction is considerably quicker than a brick building, which makes it more cost- and time-efficient and requires less specialist skills.


Durability is a key benefit of timber, and a well constructed building will last for hundreds of years.

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