Sir Peter Blake creates pop art image to celebrate Chiswick theatre

The English artist who is best known for creating the image for the Beatles’ album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Sir Peter Blake, has turned his artistic skills towards promoting the Chiswick Empire Theatre.

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He has created a mural to benefit charity, and this also marks the 50th anniversary of devising the iconic cover art for one of the most acclaimed albums ever. For more on Sir Peter and his enduring vision for the Beatles, see this interview with the artist in The Guardian.

Proud history

The Chiswick Empire once boasted a 2,000 seat capacity in its Chiswick High Road location, with stars of the stage such as Julie Andrews, Liberace and Vera Lynn making appearances there. Sir Peter said that he loves this theatre, and it even influenced his decision to move into the local area because he enjoyed going there so much.

Brightening local spaces

Ambulance London, a local group, decided to lift the atmosphere around Turnham Green Station with a community project – the creation of a large mural, more than 60 metres long, to make the walls outside the station more vibrant. Sir Peter has contributed to this project with an image in the style of the Sgt Pepper’s album cover. It features the red brick facade of the theatre as the backdrop, with a large range of famous performers who appeared at the theatre in the foreground of the artwork, which is known as the Turnham Green Railway Bridges Mural.

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Sir Peter is also providing a set of limited edition prints, produced by Giclee printing, that are numbered and signed by him, as a way of generating more money for the project. If you are interested in finding out more about Giclee printing, it would be a good idea to get expert advice from a knowledgeable source, such as who can advise you.

Local commentators say that the mural is a wonderful tribute to all the world class artists who appeared in Chiswick. They also paid tribute to Sir Peter, whose contribution was fundamental to getting the project off the ground. Local businesses are also supporting the initiative, and it is hoped that the mural will be put in place during the summer months and become a popular local landmark in a previously uninspiring area.

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