Selecting the Right Office Copiers in Dulles, Virginia

In many offices, having a copier is crucial. If you’re looking to install a copy machine in your office and aren’t sure where to start, here are some things to consider when making your decision.

Know Your Copy Room’s Measurements

Wherever you plan to set up your copier(s), they have to be able to fit in the space you have available. Once you’ve seen the various copier sizes available, pick out exactly where you plan to install your machine and measure the area to avoid creating tight spots. Remember too that while more expensive copiers are often better, they can also be larger. Find that perfect equilibrium between quality and size.

Know What (and How Much) You’re Copying

Sure, you can go for the best, all-purpose copier on the market, but if you’re only printing in black and white, then spare yourself the expense on features you won’t use and buy a monochrome printer. If you require images in stunning color, however, a production printer is likely what you’ll need.  Laser printers are good in-between options, as they’re fast, can print relatively good color images (if you don’t need the highest of quality), and are perfect for black and white. Better still, a laser printer’s toner lasts much longer than the cartridges of an inkjet printer, which is perfect for offices copying in bulk. It’s worth noting that one can get a copier that is not part of a printer (in other words, it only makes copies), which is often cheaper, but can be limiting.

Consider a CPC Contract

A business can save a fair amount with a cost-per-copier contract, in which a copy service provides benefits like repair, toner, replacement parts, and other supplies for a set fee. The only condition is that you print a certain quota per month. Search copy service dulles va to see which local options provide such a contract.

So if finding the right copier has you crumpling paper in frustration, save those sheets and try these tips to find the best copy machine and coper service for you.

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