Is Car Leasing the Best Choice for Businesses?

Car leasing is the perfect option for businesses, especially those employing a lot of staff or for those whose business requires a lot of driving.

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In the current financial climate, all businesses are looking for ways to save money whist still ensuring all necessities are taken care of. Cars are one of the biggest expenses yet are an essential element to keep some companies trading. Leasing can be considered one of the easiest and most cost-effective options when compared to buying outright or hire purchase.

While a car will lose value as soon as it is driven off the forecourt, and finance agreements for hire purchase can prove a big monthly expense, leasing a vehicle can be cheaper. Each monthly payment is designed to cover the cost of depreciation, not the cost of the car itself, and as such they will be lower.

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A major headache for businesses is what to do with their cars at the end of their hire purchase finance agreement. Often they are forced to take over ownership of a vehicle which has significantly reduced in value. Then there is the time and hassle of selling the car on, which in many cases does not prove worth it for the amount that can be recouped. However, companies such as can ensure all the worry is taken out of the equation when car leasing in Leicester. When the agreement reaches the end of its term, the car is simply handed back. No fuss and no worry.

Brand New Cars

Leasing offers the option of both used and brand new vehicles. Businesses can stay up to date with the very latest in technological advances, as well as safety features. This is really important if staff spend a lot of time on the road each month.

No Deposit

Those businesses looking for a fleet of vehicles may lack the capital required for several upfront deposit payments. Leasing agreements do not always require a deposit, unlike when taking on a vehicle via hire purchase. Instead, the deposit which would have been due can be spread out across a number of monthly payments. This usually has a minimal effect upon the overall monthly fee, so it is a great option for those organisations taking on more than one new car.

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