Ideas to dress your window sill

Windowsills can far too easily be overlooked, not just practically but figuratively as well. They are often an example of the way small nooks in homes can be ignored, being left bare when there is plenty of potential to be taken advantage of.

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It is undoubtedly a shame that windowsills are so often the forgotten feature in a home, especially given how many interesting ways there are to dress them and add character and beauty to your living space.

Make a reading nook

If your windowsills are wide enough for a seat you can create your own reading nook. Add pillows to make it comfortable and a light for evening reading and you’ve got the perfect place for a bookworm to relax.

An indoor garden

Show off your green fingers, and your window sill, by positioning plants in a variety of different canisters. Try mason jars, tin cans, old-fashioned pots and glass bottles. The possibilities are endless.

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You could use bright flowers, delicate stems or even herbs to create a natural beauty spot that could be tailor-made to fit any room. Kitchens could have vegetables, whilst moisture-loving plants would love to sit in front of waterproof roller blinds from companies such as in a bathroom or wet room.

An arty area

Let your imagination run wild and create an area to showcase your own tastes or interests, however eclectic they may be. Your windowsill doesn’t have to be made up of one style. Perhaps you have a range of knick-knacks that could be grouped together to create a perfectly imperfect representation of you.

Added romance

Inject romance into your room by adding candles to your windowsills and light them when night starts to fall. The light will bounce off the glass and create interesting shadows in your room. Just beware of safety issues, especially if there are window fabrics nearby, and never leave candles unattended. You can find more fire safety advice about using candles on the London Fire Brigade website at

Take a seat

If your window ledge isn’t quite wide enough to add pillows and cushions to make a seat, why not add a bench just in front of the window. That way you can take advantage of the natural light coming through the window and the view too.

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