How To Write A Quality Grade Science Essay

Essays constitute a high fraction of your final result in a science exam. Knowing how to craft your writing is your first step to writing an excellent write-up. Your essay must show clear organization and display knowledge of content and understanding of your paper. Ensure to cite your sources like Bentham Open journals correctly in your research. Here are simple ways to help you write a rewarding essay.

Choose Your Topic

Your science essay can take multiple topics depending on your area of interest. The key to choosing your topic is having enough pointers for your paper. Choose a topic you are familiar with to avoid confusion of concepts.

Have An Outline

After choosing your topic of interest, you may feel knowledgeable until you start writing and realize you have minimal highlights. Take your pen and write all the points you think can form powerful paragraphs and relate with familiar concepts. Think of how you want the essay structured and imagine the kind of statistics you want to involve in your writing.

Choose Your Research Materials

There are tons of materials you can use for your essay in the library and on the internet. However, remember to use credible sources such as Bentham Science eBooks and lecture notes when using the internet. You can try online lectures to give you a compass for your research.

The Structure

An essay has a structure you must follow. Most pieces will require you to have the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. However, some themes will specify extra information, such as the abstract, background information, and the appendix.


A proper introduction contains the general information about your essay. Give a perspective on what your paper is all about. Mention any research methods conducted and the available findings.


The body carries your essay, your points in the outline are expounded and supported using various research materials. Use the relevant citations to prove that your work is not imagination.


Abridge your essay. Take your time and go through your paper over and over. The key is to summarize your significant findings in a few sentences. Ensure your conclusion takes at most ten percent of your essay.

Edit And Proofread

After writing your essay, you will have to polish it. Check for any spelling errors, grammatical errors, sentence structures, and clarity of your paragraph. Each paragraph must have a clear explanation and complete sentences. When you are satisfied with your essay, you are now ready to submit it.

Writing a well-organized essay will require extensive research, a great structure, and proper editing and proofreading. Remember that your tutor has many scripts to mark, so you must write clear sentences for easy reading.

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