How to know if I am a candidate for the Gastric Balloon?

Do you want to be able to live your life without any kind of complex for those extra kilos? Yes, it is possible to do it safely with Loss Weight Solutions. You just have to know if you are a candidate to insert a gastric balloon in your stomach. Keep reading and know if you are a candidate for the Gastric Balloon.

How to know if I am a candidate for the Gastric Balloon

The Spatz3 Balloon treatment is a perfect treatment for those whose BMI (Body Mass Index) is between 30 and 40 and who want to lose between 10 and 25 kilos without resorting to surgery. This is the main requirement that you must meet to be a candidate for intervention. Therefore, it is not indicated for people who need to lose a few kilos (less than 10) and those who suffer from morbid obesity, with a BMI greater than 40. In addition to the degree of obesity, the patient must also be in good general health. The better you are, the better your body will adapt to any intervention.

The gastric balloon can stay in your body between 6 and 12 months, depending on the number of kilos you need to lose. You can lose up to 25 kilos in a year with the ball and with the new eating habits that the specialists mark you.

BMI, main requirement for gastric balloon

Your BMI is between 30 and 40. Perfect. You are already a candidate. But not only is the BMI the value to take into account. All the conditions are met to perform the intervention safely. We listen to you so that you feel as safe as possible.

The gastric balloon can also be a very interesting option for those people who may have diseases related to their obesity. Such as cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, or diabetes problems.

A gastric balloon allows you to lose all the weight you need without pain, without scars and rebound effect. In addition, you will be supported by the best medical, psychological and nutritional team, endorsed nationally and internationally.

Plan to lose weight without starving

A gastric balloon is a medical silicone balloon that is inserted deflated into the stomach endoscopically. Once inside, it is inflated with physiological saline until it reaches a size of between approximately 30 and 40% of the total volume of your stomach. This procedure only lasts 30 minutes and you will return home the same day without having to spend the night in the clinic. Since your stomach has less space, less food enters. It’s easy to understand and it works!

The gastric balloon is not recommended for those patients who have previously had any stomach or esophagus intervention, nor for those suffering from diseases such as chronic gastritis, hiatal hernia, or gastroesophageal reflux.

How to maintain or prolong the results of the ball?

The result of the gastric balloon is not definitive. You can regain the lost kilos if you eat again in an unhealthy way after treatment after treatment as you did before. This is known as the rebound effect. Your stomach fills up faster when you have the ball in it. Therefore, if you continue to follow the same healthy life established by our medical team during the process, it is difficult for you to gain weight again. If you neglect your diet again, you will gain weight again. It is not only about losing weight while you have the gastric balloon. You also have to be able to change your eating habits.

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