How to Install Garage Shelving Yourself

Installing shelving in your garage might sound like an intimidating project to take on if DIY is not your strong suit. But with these basic tips you should be able to get started and create some functional and affordable storage that stands the test of time.

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Getting Started

The type of shelving which is most appropriate for your garage will vary depending on the nature of the structure itself and the amount of space you have on offer. You will also need to think about the types of items that you need to store, whether it will be a few paint cans and tools or all of your garden supplies and equipment.

Most importantly, you need to use the space as optimally as possible, especially if you also need to actually house a car in your garage alongside all of the other items that are cluttering it at the moment. So to start off you should measure the dimensions of the room to get a good idea of what you are working with and keep a note of this for later.

Some people go all out and create some incredible projects using their garage as the basis. But with the vital stats to hand, you only need to make a small investment to get the shelving you have been dreaming about.

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Top Options

Some garages will have structural elements in place which can be used as a key part of the shelving. For example, in the case of a garage with a wooden frame, you can simply buy some plywood boarding, cut this into strips and secure it in place between the beams on the wall with nails underneath for support.

Brick garages may offer less in the way of ready-made spaces for shelving, but this is not always the case. Head to your nearest DIY supply outlet or check out sites like, and again look for some cheap panels which can serve as the shelves themselves – then source some brackets upon which they can rest.

You will probably need to drill into the brick to get the best results, which might not be possible if you do not already own an electric drill. If your garage is not used for protecting a car from the elements, then buying free-standing purpose-built shelves is an excellent alternative.

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