How Healthcare Has Evolved in the 21st Century


It’s hard to think of any industry that hasn’t undergone revolutionary change in the last generation. High-speed internet, advancements in computer storage, and the rise of smartphones are just a few obvious examples of how technology has made numerous jobs easier. This is perhaps more important in healthcare than in any other area. After all, medical progress truly saves lives. Here are a few ways recent improvements in technology have helped make that happen.


The benefits of telemedicine Memphis TN are numerous. Whether through a dial-a-nurse triage line or through video conferencing technology that allows for a virtual examination, the ability to diagnose a condition remotely saves time and effort, as well as limiting exposure to and from immune-compromised patients.

Cloud and App-Based Medical History

When was the last time you saw a handwritten medical chart on a clipboard? This method of charting a patient’s symptoms, condition, and progress certainly worked very well for decades. Now, however, we have the technology to much more accurately track and archive everything from vital signs to procedures and responses to treatment. These are easily transferred between primary care physicians and specialists to paint a thorough picture of the patient’s health. What’s more, the patient can access them (often directly from their smartphone) and review recommendations and catch inaccuracies if they occur.

Robotic Surgery

We’re a long way from taking trained surgeons out of the operating room and replacing them with machines, and most people agree that’s for the best. That said, if physicians can be aided be precision tools, AI interfaces, and surgical machines that can help them calibrate their work within millimeters, the result is a win-win. You have a highly-skilled surgeon calling the shots, and an ultra-precise robot performing the actions.

Medicine has come so far in the last century, generation, and even decade. Imagine where we’ll be a few short years from now!

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