Flexible packaging and CSR for drinks producers

In the modern business world, corporate social responsibility (CSR) must be entirely integrated into the business model. The 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference – where 195 countries pledged to work together to reduce climate change – and other recent events validate this commitment.

Flexible packaging and CSR for drinks producers

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Smarter packaging

Food manufacturers are taking these promises very seriously, focusing on reducing food and material waste. Currently food loss and waste amounts to a staggering $940bn (£643bn) in revenue lost to producers and farmers, while rotting and unharvested food in fields and methane from landfill comprises around 8% of greenhouse gas emissions

Many food producers have begun actively looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of packaging. One way in which they are doing this is through the use of lightweight packaging.

Packaging supplier Ecolean, which is based in Sweden, has taken a new approach to both its environmental profile for its chilled and aseptic solutions for packaging and to the physical weight of the packaging it utilises. Ecolean is a major supplier to liquid food producers, such as those producing post mix syrup, and now uses up to 50% fewer raw materials for its packaging when compared with containers such as glass bottles, cans and cartons.

Advanced and lightweight

To achieve this, Ecolean uses layers of barrier material, polypropylene and polyethylene to create an extremely thin and lightweight packaging. It also uses a calcium carbonate filler in place of plastics to help stiffen the material. The result is flexible yet self-standing packaging that can be flattened completely once empty. This is ideal for goods such as https://empireuk.com/post-mix-products/; in addition, as the packaging contains zero aluminium, the material can then be completely recycled or reused as fuel.

Flexible packaging also enables organisations to reduce their food waste. Once almost empty, the packaging can be rolled up to retrieve every last bit of product. Compared with many other styles of packaging, where product residue waste can amount to as much as 10%, this is a huge improvement.

Ecolean packaging represents one of the most efficient and environmentally-friendly products on the market today. Business owners not only benefit from the cost savings of reduced food waste but also they can rest assured that they are reducing their carbon footprint.

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