Five of the best web design software options

There are numerous tools available that will assist in the successful creation of a functional website, and selecting the best option for your specific set of requirements is important to produce a final product that works seamlessly for your business.

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Streamlined and contemporary, Strikingly is an innovative platform helping people across a variety of different sectors to create modern and aesthetically pleasing websites that are easy to navigate. Designs are locked into the platform however, meaning if you choose to migrate to a different platform, you will have to invest time in creating a new design.


Widely regarded as one of the most user-friendly website construction tools, Weebly’s interface is easy to navigate and simple to use. As there are only 18 different templates to choose from, however, your creative vision may not be able to be fulfilled in its entirety.


Considered one of the best interfaces for eCommerce websites, Jimdo’s drag and drop capabilities make it simple to efficiently construct a streamlined and professional looking website. Switching between templates is also a simple process, helping you to select the best design for your requirements.

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Featuring highly on this list put together by Wired, with more than 500 different templates, there is no shortage of customisable features, providing opportunities to apply your creativity and strengthen your brand identity. The tools themselves are relatively simple to use, and as there are also a variety of handy guides and instructions available to follow, you certainly don’t have to be a proficient web designer to create a sleek and functional website.

As multiple people can work on a design, Wix can be a useful tool for the communication of ideas within large teams. You may, for example, choose to input your ideas into a Wix template before approaching a professional agency, such as star web innovations, who are specialists in web design in Reading. This concept design can then be used as a visual tool to communicate your initial ideas and provide a framework for your team to expand upon and refine.


One of the more expensive web design tools, Squarespace offers a wealth of useful features that will benefit every business. The software doesn’t require any prior design or technical knowledge and provides countless options for increased customisation and full Google Analytics integration.

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