Do you know how home STI kits work

Prevention by the use of condoms is the first rule of good sexual health – but accidents can happen, and condoms may also break or tear.

You can either go to a GUM clinic to be tested or use a home testing kit if you have had a contraceptive slip-up or are only doing a periodic search.

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It can be hard to get to GUM clinics, and many individuals prefer the ease of a home testing kit such as the Chlamydia Testing Kits London way that can be provided by These test kits are very easy to use and do not entail any time spent in a waiting room sitting around.

Each kit will have its own instructions, and careful reading of them is necessary. Remember to first verify that everything is within date and that the packaging hasn’t been compromised in any way. To ensure that the test is correct for you, you might also want to contact a health professional.

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You will either provide a urine sample, or take a quick swab and in some cases you might also provide a blood sample by using the finger prick kit that is provided for you. In the packaging given, you will then pack the testing materials back up and then return them for review by free post. You will be quickly and easily updated with the results through your communication method of choice – often by text or email – and then, if necessary, you will sign up for treatment.

You can even do a follow-up at your nearest GUM clinic afterwards.

It is very convenient and quick to use self-testing kits, and they definitely make it very easy to verify whether or not you have a STI. Note that if it is caught early, it is much easier to treat a STI, and a fast course of antibiotics can reduce the chances of any permanent harm.

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