Discover the best cocktail drinks “Purple Drank”

If you want to learn how to make the combo cocktail called “Purple Drank”, just go to online and search YouTube videos on the particular topic.  You will found hundreds of recipes to choose from. In essence, Purple Drank is a combo drink mixer of a soft drink like Sprite, a prescription cough syrup with active promethazine-codeine, and Jolly Rancher, preferably purple color candies. The candy will add sweets flavor and also your desired color. Preferred sodas for the recipe are Sprite or Mountain Dew. Purple Drank even specifies the type of glass – a glass of white polystyrene foam, probably for the sole reason that it is preferred by well-known musicians who consume this combination of drugs.

The whole combination can make the drink a unique one and obviously the taste of this drink is pretty amazing. If you ask yourself why this drink became so popular among the young over the years, the answer is quite simple…it has created a huge appeal to get the relaxation feeling that we all desperately seeking.

Promethazine element is kind of an antihistamine that often combined with codeine for coughs in prescription drugs. As per we know promethazine is not an addictive element, but surely codeine is. However, according to some reports and some certain users of it consider that as a sedative effect.

If you look at the deep of Purple Drank, you could find the rapper Lil Wayne story who has taken a great responsibility to promote this drink to the forthcoming consumers. In a highly publicized video interview of VH1, Lil Wayne spoke of his right to consume whatever was in the cup, even if there is a risk of death. He also wrote the lyric of “Me & My Drank” a hip-hop song that he performed. A documentary that made in the year 2009 and produced by Quincy Jones clearly described how Lil Wayne mixed the concoction and using a variety of other ingredients. Besides him there are also many other hip-hop singers was there who have taken a part to popularize the drink as well.

After all, now are so lucky to have such a delicious drink in our hands. We appreciate all hip-hop singers for your great effort to bring us the drink of heaven.

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