Creating Curtains

Changing your curtains is one of the fastest and easiest ways to completely change the look of your room and give it a fresh new feel. However, the cost of new curtains can soon mount up, every time you fancy a makeover. Why not make your own? This way you can totally transform a room without spending a small fortune. You can make many great designs by using things you already have or by purchasing some great fabric, which still works out much cheaper than buying new curtains. Here are some easy ideas for creating your own bespoke window coverings:

Pom Pom Curtains

These DIY pom pom curtains will look like you’ve just picked them up from a high end department store. You will need to purchase some pom poms and some new fabric, but only if you don’t want to revamp the existing ones. For Cotton Fabric Online, visit  Just sew on the pom poms and you’ve got yourself some totally unique and fun new curtains.

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Tea Towel Curtains

If you have a load of decorative tea towels lying around then you can make your own fun and funky tea towel curtains. This is one of the easiest DIY curtains to achieve and totally original. There’s no sewing involved as all you need to do is just attach hooks to your tea towels and hang them! A great addition to brighten up your kitchen.

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DIY Stenciled Curtains

Some plain white curtain panels, stencils, fabric paint, and a bit of imagination are all you need to create these stunning drapes. You can choose any stencil that you want, and these are really easy to make. You can even use a paint roller to apply the paint, so they take literally just a few minutes each.

 Cut Out Roller Blind

Take an old and inexpensive roller blind and add your own designs to create the perfect window covering. You can use stencils or simply freehand your design. Once you’ve traced in what you want, use a craft knife to cut out your design. This is a great idea for bathrooms and kitchens, or let the kids choose a pattern and use it in their bedrooms.

Lace Covered Window Screens

If you fancy creating a boudoir style affair then you’ll love having this lace look. By simply covering your windows with some old lace curtains and securing it with fabric glue, you can create a beautiful and elegant look for any room in your home. If you don’t have old lace curtains to use, you can also use lace tablecloths or any lace fabric that you may have laying around. Combine with lace curtains and you’ll have that Victorian era look.

DIY Ruffled Curtains

Take some boring old plain curtains and make them new again by adding DIY ruffles. They’ll give any room a softer, feminine look and add a bit of new life to those otherwise dull drapes. They are easy to make and even the beginner sewer can create them. Add as many or as few ruffles as you want to make them unique to you.

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