Carnot: the budget vehicle tracker

Everyone is falling in love with gadgets, from those that count the number of steps you take to those that give you directions to your destination. Car tracking is another very useful device and is certainly worthwhile for luxury cars, while people with cheaper cars or little runarounds may also like to keep tabs on their vehicle and driving information.

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This is where the Carnot comes in. You just plug this device into your car to get reams of diagnostics, tracking and driving information delivered to an app on your smartphone.

How does Carnot work?

Carnot acts like a dongle and plugs into your vehicle’s on-board diagnostics port – just wait until it sets up a connection. It has a data-enabled SIM car to communicate with the server and GPS (global positioning system) connectivity for tracking. The Carnot processes all the information, which you can find on the Carnot app available for both Android and iOS phones. Download the app, sign in and link your account to your Carnot device using the unique code you will find on the box. When you load the app, you will see a map showing the current location of your vehicle. If you are running out of fuel, you can tap a button to show you where the nearest garage is through data found on Google Maps.

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Advantages of Carnot over a tracker

Carnot has many more features and can do a lot more than just keep track of your vehicle. These include real-time speed monitoring and towing and theft alerts. There is also a geo-fencing phone alarm, which you set up to notify you whenever your car leaves home or enters the office. It can also alert you if your car needs repairs, such as problems with the engine, battery or brakes, by pulling information from your car’s diagnostics system.

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The Carnot keeps a record of every trip, including the time, date, distance covered, average speed, mileage and drive score calculated on various factors, such as over-speeding, gear change, acceleration, braking and eco-driving. This can help you to drive better and more safely. To sum up, the Carnot is a useful device for keeping tabs on your car.

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