An Annual Boiler Service is Important

It is a given that the boiler and radiators will start working when the heating is turned back on in the summer. Hot water should flow easily from the faucet to the showerhead. Some people will find this not true.

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Your heating system maintenance is easy and will cause minimal disruption to your daily life. Specialists will come to your home at a convenient time, whether you need a Evesham Boilers repair company like Combi Man or a service elsewhere. Service your boiler is essential for many reasons. First, your heating system’s safety and efficiency is paramount. Inefficient boilers will not work correctly and can be more expensive to operate. Unsafe systems can be dangerous.

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The engineer will conduct a visual inspection to ensure that all regulations are adhered to and that the boiler works properly. The engineer will inspect the flue to ensure that it is not blocked and the pressure is correct. The boiler will then be turned on. The engineer will then check that everything is in working order before signing off on the service.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause serious illness and even death every year. The Gas Safe Register emphasizes the importance of having your heating system inspected once a year in order to ensure it runs safely and efficiently.

Many people book their services as part of the “spring clean”. After the celebrations are over, it’s time to clean up the house. Book your service for the new year to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely in the coming year.


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