5 Types of Therapists and What They Do

The world of therapy is vast and diverse. There must be many different types of therapists with unique specialties to best serve the needs of their patients. Here are five types of therapists and what they do.

1. Family and Relationship Therapist

These therapists can treat families, couples or individuals to help with a wide variety of issues. They may specialize in relationships between parents and children, couples counseling near me Lafayette LA, adoption and more.

2. Cognitive Therapist

Cognitive therapists work with patients that experience frequent negative or harmful thoughts. They help them understand their thoughts, potential patterns and triggers and help them develop alternative thought processes.

3. Behavioral Therapist

Behavioral therapists work with patients that struggle to control their behavior, usually as a result of a mental disorder. They can help them identify negative behaviors and develop strategies to alter their actions, such as learning to associate an unpleasant memory with an undesirable action to discourage it.

4. Trauma Work Therapist

These therapists work with people who have experienced trauma which impacts their daily lives. This could include abuse, car accidents, natural disasters, abandonment or the death of a loved one. They help them identify triggers and create coping mechanisms and overcome fears associated with the trauma. They will frequently work with patients that have post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD.

5. Addiction Therapist

Addiction therapists help patients overcome addictions to substances such as drugs or alcohol. This can be done individually or in group settings. An addition therapist may work in a rehabilitation facility or see clients in a more traditional office setting.

No matter what problems a person is facing, there is a type of therapist that is qualified to help with their issues. A few of these specialties include family and relationship therapists, cognitive therapists, behavioral therapists, trauma work therapists and addiction therapists.

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