3 Signs Your Loved One Immediately Needs Assisted Living

There comes a point in time when your beloved elders can no longer properly care for themselves. Watching the decline of those who used to care for you can be emotionally overwhelming. A significant way to help your family is by creating a plan for senior care. Before you begin researching home care Massachusetts or health plans in your area, here are three signs to confirm that your loved one is in need of assistance.

Untidy Living Space

An unkempt home is an indication of elderly decline. One cause may be their physical ability. Simple tasks such as vacuuming or washing dishes become too strenuous. An additional factor is their mental ability. Many senior citizens suffer from disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. This can cause them to not only forget to clean, but also how to clean. Another tip is to check their refrigerator. Finding spoiled food, food past the expiration date, or loads of takeout food suggests they are no longer able to cook. As a result, they are not eating full healthy meals.

Financial Inconsistency

Another sign your loved one may need help is monetary issues. Mental diseases create difficulties for the elderly to think abstractly. Taking care of multiple bills becomes too complex. You may notice some bills are overpaid, while others are stacking up. The elderly are also liable to fall for financial scams. Not just from telemarketers, but unfortunately also from family members. Scams can exhaust their financial standing, preventing them from being self-sufficient.

Lack of Hygiene

Bad odors and a messy appearance are signs of poor hygiene. They may not necessarily lack the ability, but instead lack the motivation to keep up with their personal cleanliness. Consequently, activities like bathing, brushing their teeth, and doing their laundry become less frequent especially for seniors who live alone.

Deciding when a loved one needs assistance is exceedingly difficult. Thankfully this comprehensive industry allows options for all kinds of care. With plenty of compassion and the right research, a suitable care plan awaits your beloved.

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