What nail color goes best with your skin tone?

More than combining your nail polish with your outfit you must combine it with your skin tone. Here we tell you what color nail used according to your skin tone

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The nail polish has become an accessory in any woman’s look.

Like any other element of makeup, so that the nail varnish looks good with your look, you need to choose the right shades for your skin tone. Rather than combine it with our outfit or the clothes we wear, it is important to use one that suits our skin tone and highlight. The question is what colors of enamel is every skin tone?

There are shades of cold, warm skin, among others and in every skin tone highlights certain colors more than others. Here we tell you what color nail is ideal for your skin tone?

1. Cold skin tone

If your skin tone is cold, enamel colors that best fit you are those with colder blue accents and roses. If you want a tone that approaches the red, we recommend the cherry. Avoid black and white tones.

2. Warm skin tone

If your skin is warm, the best choices are orange, yellow, coral, and warmer, plus red roses.

3. Dark Skin

If your skin is dark you can opt for shades of green, fuchsia and bronze. Also clear browns and oranges are a good choice.

4. Medium skin with cool tones

An average skin with cool tones is similar to skin color. For this skin tone colder and bright colors like electric blue and its derivatives are the best option.

5. Clear skin with cool tones

If you are white and your skin is pale. The matte tones, pastels and darker red are perfect. Another option is dark blue and light blue or cherry.

6. Tanned skin

If your skin is tanned, and dull brown or dark red is perfect for you. You can add gold, orange or purple as well.

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