Tips to wear heels without feeling pain

Some women we are difficult to wear heels and found impractical, but there are times when it is necessary to use them. Here are 5 tips for you

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5 tips to wear heels without feeling pain:

Definitely not all women are born to wear heels. There are women who slippers them are perfect and carry them with style and elegance, but also others that the heels enchant us and we like how they look in other women, do not tolerate them five minutes, because they are uncomfortable, because we hurt, we get tired, we do not know walk with them, or simply because they are impractical. However, there are special occasions when your look requires some beautiful heels to be perfect and if you decide to use them will be the sensation of the night.

That’s why then we give you 5 tips to wear heels without feeling pain:

1.Try on her heels and walks with them before buying to make sure you can walk with them

Today it is very common that we make online purchases. However, when we acquired heels this is not the best option because you needed to ensure that these are your measurement and you will not be big or small. It is also important that before buying walk in them to make sure you do not hurt.

2.Opt for wide heels

If you’re not from the women that they are easy to walk in heels, it is best to opt for shoes with wide heels. Undoubtedly, stilettos are beautiful and help stylize the figure, making your look more look, but can be very uncomfortable if you’re not used to walking in heels. If you’re going to a party or event where you know you’ll be a long time stop, then you prefer the wide heels; they are more comfortable, you will endure for much longer and you can also put together a good look with them.

3.Carry a couple of band-aids

Try to always carry a couple of band-aids in your bag for emergencies, especially when you use high heels. The Band-Aids are excellent allies feet if your shoes start to hurt you or leave you any blisters.

4.Use templates and gel pads

Templates and gel pads are also an excellent choice, as they provide a great relief to tired feet. They relieve pressure and cause your feet feel more comfortable.

5.After using heels puts your feet in cold water

If you’re going to have a series of events where you have to use heels continuously, we recommend that every time you come home; immerse your feet in cold water for 10 or 15 minutes. This will relax you and leave you ready for another battle.

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