Surprising Facts About Breasts

Your breasts, love them or hate them – they are an important part of you that need looking after. Regular self-checking for any changes in shape or texture and wearing the right sized bra are the two most obvious ways of staying healthy and comfortable. Here are some weird and wonderful facts about breasts that might surprise you:

  • Have you ever wondered why men have breasts and nipples? In the womb, all foetuses begin life as female! It isn’t until week six that testosterone kicks in and the foetus can become male. By this point, the breasts and nipples are already in place.
  • The scientific world genuinely does not know why human women have full breasts all the time, even when they’re not breastfeeding. Primates have raised breasts only when they have feeding young and then they return to normal again.
  • Thankfully we don’t have to squeeze ourselves into tight-fitting corsets any more, but do you know the reason why they went out of fashion? The steel used to push up the breasts was needed by the army during WWI. There was a steel shortage, so the army asked women if they would give up wearing corsets. Thank you army!
  • Every day in the world, 4 million new bras are made.
  • Is your favourite sleeping position lying on your front? If so, you might want to rethink as over time, sleeping on your front can change the shape of your breasts. It would take a few years but unless you’re looking for a boob re-shaping, perhaps try sleeping on your side!
  • The world’s largest natural breasts belong to a lady called Annie Hawkins-Turner. Measuring a whopping 70 inches in circumference, 43 inches under and would need a 48V bra – if such a thing existed.
  • When it comes to finding the best-fitting and most comfortable bra, bear in mind that most women have a left breast that’s slightly bigger than their right one! Always have a professional take your measurements. Take a look at the pretty and comfortable Prima Donna Deauville White Bra available at
  • Would you believe that Bra Studies is an academic subject? Yes, you can study for s degree in Bra Studies in China!
  • It is estimated that a staggering 80% of women are wearing the incorrect bra size. Get yourself measured!

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  • Around 6% of the world’s population have a third nipple.
  • An average breast weighs approximately 499 grams and holds 4-5% of the total body fat of that woman.
  • All female athletes report breast pain on running or jogging. It’s no surprise as boobs can move a lot during running, following a sort of figure of eight shape and moving up to 8 inches! All the more reason to find yourself a supportive, comfy sports bra.
  • The bra is still relatively young in the history of human fashion. It wasn’t until the 1920s that Ida and William Rosenthal created the company Maidenform and designed the brassiere with the current sizing we still use today.
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