Styles of fisherman’s jumpers all men should try

Fisherman’s jumpers, also known as Aran sweaters, are classic knitwear pieces that have been a staple for men for decades. These jumpers are not only practical and offer warmth, but they are also versatile and very stylish for the contemporary man. There are seven well-known stitching patterns, including the cable stitch, which is classic in nature. Here are some popular styles of fisherman’s jumpers that all men should consider trying:

A classic crew neck is a versatile sweater

The classic fisherman’s jumper features a thick cable-knit pattern. It typically has a crew neck and ribbed cuffs. The traditional cream or off-white colour is the most popular choice.

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Try a cardigan to complement an everyday outfit

Fisherman’s cardigans feature the same cable-knit patterns, but they have a button-down front. They can be worn open or closed with navy jeans and a smart coat.

A turtleneck offers extra warmth for autumn and winter

The roll-neck fisherman’s jumper provides extra warmth around the neck. This is a stylish choice for the colder weather and is a great staple for the wardrobe. A stunning collection of mens fisherman sweaters are available from a range of suppliers. You can Shop Aran styles online and find a piece that will best suit you.

A Fair Isle sweater is a colourful addition to your wardrobe

Fair Isle is a knitting technique that originated in the Shetland Islands. It involves knitting with multiple colours to create intricate patterns and designs. Fair Isle patterns typically feature repeated motifs and use two or more colours in each row.

This is a popular and stylish choice for outdoor activities such as fishing and sailing. If you want a family member to create an Aran sweater for you, Prima has a pattern for avid knitters.

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Try a V-neck for style

A V-neck sweater is less common, but this style of fisherman’s jumper is a go-to for the modern man. This piece can be layered over collared shirts for a more polished and formal look. It is a versatile item that would suit a casual night out in the autumn or winter.

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