Formal Accessories Every Gentleman Needs to Have in His Wardrobe

formal accessories for men

Accessories play a big part in one’s appearance, especially in a setting like a date or a job interview when the first impression matters the most. Every gentleman who has an interest in fashion already knows about the classic leather briefcase, slim wallet, and other basic details that can elevate his style. In this article, however, we will discuss the formal pieces that play a crucial role in upgrading your outfits and make you stand out at any official event.


When thinking of men’s accessories, the timeless wristwatch is the first thing that comes to mind. Back in the day, watches were the only socially acceptable accessory for men, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that these days there are so many available options in all sorts of designs and sizes. The best part about the evolution of these accessories is that there is a wide range of watches that are both adorable and posh-looking, so every man can have a neat appearance regardless of his budget. Choose a stainless steel watch with a neutral dial color, a black or brown leather band, and make sure it goes well with the color of your most-worn belts and shoes.

Silk Tie

No gentleman’s formal ensemble is complete without a tie, and silk ties definitely take the spotlight as the best option on the market. A truly head-turning tie is one that has a subtle yet original design, contrasting with the otherwise standard and muted colors of your suit and shirt. Celtic ties are the perfect example of refined elegance: made of 100% silk, these pieces have a luxurious feel and can make any outfit look tenfold better. Plus, the distinctive shamrock design of Celtic ties is sure to bring you the famous luck of the Irish, so this accessory will certainly become your go-to tie for those events where you could use a bit of fortune.


Cufflinks are an essential part of any black-tie attire, making the best addition to an outfit put together for a gala, wedding, charity event, formal dinner, or any other official celebration. Cufflinks are one of those accessories that you should never skimp on, as a cheap-looking pair can ruin a perfectly great look. Plain silver or gold cufflinks are any gentleman’s top option, and small details like gemstones or an engraving will make this accessory even more special, making you feel confident wherever you go.

Leather Belt

Leather belts are one of those accessories that every gentleman has yet not everyone knows how to style correctly for the outfit to really be eye-catching. The importance of leather belts goes far beyond practicality: a well-chosen belt creates a visual division between the top and bottom part of your ensemble, making it look more harmonious and chic. Every man should have at least two leather belts in his wardrobe: a classic black one for official outfits and the combinations of darker colors, and a brown belt that would complement his summer clothing in lighter shades.

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